Energy services management

We carry out the development, implementation and follow-up of tailor-made energy efficiency projects, with or without investment, based on an energy management system developed by Capwatt.

Our tool, adapted to the energy needs and the activity of our clients, enables online monitoring and management, which is dynamic and user friendly, with integrated, specific detailed and real-time analysis of electrical energy, thermal energy and utilities’ consumption.

We provide an innovative and differentiated service which enables optimisation and reduction of energy consumption, ensuring the correct operation of energy consumption equipment and customised, technical follow-up with the know-how necessary for the identification, implementation and enforcement of energy efficiency measures.

Considering the weight that energy represents in a business’s overall costs, management and control of energy consumption are critical in today’s world – “measure and save”.


Asset management services

We carry out the management, operation and maintenance of energy production plants and other assets, from our Command and Control Centre and with the support of local teams.


We are the ideal partner to make your company more efficient!

We provide energy and asset management services, with a range of benefits:


Turney, tailor-made solution

We guarantee your investment

Customised follow-up

Reduced consumption with guaranteed results