Optimise the purchase of electrical energy with solutions tailored to your needs

We provide tailor-made energy products and services for industries and large companies. Based on the client’s area of activity, consumption profile, tolerance of risk and financial structure, we put forward customised solutions for each business.

Whether by means of a fixed price or an indexed formula, we have the ideal solution for your business. Our customised products will help you find the option that best suits your needs.

Our portfolio of services also includes risk management solutions by means of hedging in futures markets, suitable for different market agents, such as traders, producers and large consumers.

Benefit from hands-on, professional management in the acquisition process of natural gas supply

We provide our clients with the necessary tools and experience to help them correctly manage the purchase of natural gas. Our fixed, indexed and structured products allow you to manage fluctuations in the main market indices (Brent, TTF, Mibgás).

We also offer the possibility to carry out price hedging in futures markets, which allows the setting of a price for natural gas in advance, thereby minimising risks and uncertainties. We make these products available to both consumers and traders who want to manage the risk in their portfolios.

Obtain CO2 licenses quickly and efficiently by benefitting from our range of emission allowances

We respond to the needs of our clients with solutions tailored to the profile of each one. We operate in the emission rights market across Europe, both in the primary and secondary markets.

We carry out operations with Spot and Futures products in all CO2 markets. We buy and sell your emission rights on both the spot and forward markets.

We represent energy producers in the deregulated market across the Iberian Peninsula

We represent energy producers in their dealings with OMIE and REN, managing the sale of produced energy, as well as the negotiation of variances, offering products and services aimed at optimising the management of power plants in the market, such as Energy Management.

We also offer the possibility to make medium and long-term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements).

In addition, we include the possibility of managing Guarantees of Origin from renewable production. We trade these certificates on the market, whether from a sales (producer) or purchase (trader) perspective.