Wind is, in essence, a form of solar energy, since it originates from the differences in temperature on the Earth’s surface, associated to its irregularities and to the Earth’s rotational movement.

Wind energy is the process by which wind is transformed into kinetic energy, which will then be converted into electrical energy using specific equipment. In reality, this process has been used for thousands of years to pump water and for milling, for example.


Nowadays, the great majority of wind farms are directed to the production of electrical energy, a clean and non-polluting energy source, and thus contributing to reduced energy dependency on fossil fuels.



When the wind passes through the blades of a wind turbine, it causes the blades to rotate, and thus activates a generator that transforms this mechanical energy into electrical energy, and which is subsequently supplied to consumers (homes, factories, etc.).


The higher the wind speed, the greater the energy produced by the wind turbine. As such, wind turbines are installed at high altitudes, since the wind speeds there are higher and more constant.

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