We promote, own and operate high efficiency cogeneration plants.

This solution is intended to provide our clients with electrical and thermal energy, while optimising their energy costs and sharing the resulting savings of this combined production process of heat and electricity.

We assume the responsibility for all activities related to the sizing, licensing and investment of the plants, while also guaranteeing their management, operations and maintenance.


We are the ideal partner to make your company more efficient!

We carry out cogeneration projects tailored to your electrical and thermal energy needs, with a range of benefits:

Reduction in overall energy costs

Energy availability

Energy independence


Cogeneration is a more efficient form of simultaneous production of electrical energy and useful heat, from a single fuel source, promoting the elimination of losses in the transmission and distribution of energy, resulting in lower primary energy consumption and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


The high level of efficiency of cogeneration plants stems from the fact that the useful thermal energy (e.g. steam for an industrial process, hot or very cold water for air conditioning) is produced from residual heat which, typically, is wasted in conventional plants.