We promote, own and operate energy production plants from residual forest biomass.

In our plants, we use biomass for the production of electrical and thermal energy, making use of forest by-products and contributing to the decarbonisation of the electrical production sector and of industry.

In this way, we are able to maintain healthier forests in order to combat climate change, protecting ecosystems and minimising the risk of fire.


At Capwatt, the forest biomass electrical energy production process is much more effective and complex, as it is not only possible to generate electrical energy, but also to supply the thermal energy necessary for a factory installation, and always achieving high levels of stability.


Biomass is considered a renewable energy source and its utilisation as a fuel is advantageous in ecosystems’ management.

The simpler and more common electrical energy production process using biomass as a fuel involves the combustion of that same organic material.


Thermal energy generated in the combustion is used to create water vapour and thereafter high pressure steam. This steam is introduced into a steam turbine which spins together with an alternator, which then produces electrical energy. Condensation flows out of the turbine, which is recirculated and returned to the process.

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