Who we are

Capwatt is an innovating company which promotes integrated energy solutions, maximising synergies between decentralised production, provision of services and sale of energy, centralising all information on one digital multiplatform and contributing to a sustainable energy model.

Today, we are present in Portugal, Mexico, Spain and Italy, and manage a wide portfolio of projects currently in operation. We are recognised as an independent energy producer

Sustainability is in our DNA. Each day we commit to care for the environment and to contribute to the betterment of the community to which we belong. We have been, since 2018, a company certified for our Quality, Environmental and Safety standards.



Our experience

In Capwatt, we have broad experience in the  development, management, operation and maintenance of energy production plants.

Our know-how in the development and operation of power plants, partnering with industrial and services consumers, enables us to offer the best energy solution for our clients’ premises, considering the most appropriate solutions and following the best and most advanced international trends.

Our journey

Founded in 2008, we took advantage of the experience and know-how acquired in the development, operation and maintenance of decentralised energy production projects within the Group, dating back to the late eighties, thus transforming a collection of assets and competences into an autonomous business focused on the energy efficiency optimisation of our clients.




To invest in the development, design and implementation of efficient and sustainable energy solutions, finding optimized financing solutions and providing the best asset management service.


To be a leading company in providing sustainable energy solutions for corporate clients.



Our business model

We assume the responsibility for all activities involved in the implementation of projects, from the development phase, through licensing and investment, until the construction phase, asset management and operations, with the goal of building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, always with a win-win mentality.



Our value proposal

For us, efficiency makes the difference!


We establish close, strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients

We manage and monitor energy assets remotely in the most efficient way

We simplify and reduce your energy costs

We manage, represent and operate assets at the same time as promoting their energy efficiency

We roll out flexible and tailor-made projects, customised to your needs

We have the technological understanding and experience consolidated in different technologies

We share a culture of continuous improvement in the areas of quality, safety and environment

We have the guarantee of credibility of belonging to the Sonae universe



Policy of integrated management


We are an organisation committed to an efficient future. We have invested in the certification of international norms in order to achieve our quality, environmental and safety objectives, to fulfil the legislation and to continuously improve our performance. Capwatt is committed to:

  • Guarantee the fulfilment of legislation and applicable regulations;
  • The continuous improvement of the integrated management system;
  • Satisfy applicable requirements;
  • Eliminate, replace, control technically, redesign, signal/warn and/or define procedures and personal protective equipment in order to reduce the level of risk;
  • Promote the consultation and participation, training and awareness of all employees;
  • Provide safe working conditions which prevent harm, injury and damage to health;
  • Prevent pollution and protect the environment, making use of natural resources and energy in a rational and sustainable way;
  • Continuously improve our environmental and energy performance, by minimising environmental impact and promoting the best available techniques.



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